Patrick Procktor by Ian Massey 2010


I have so much to thank Patrick for and he was a huge influence on me …sometimes not always for the good …but I loved him deeply as a friend and I hope I get to see him again one day.   He used to rib me mercilessly for being ambitious and he thought ambition was  tacky…  I was always arrogantly confident of my abilities a photographer and he would try to undermine me, teasing me oping to make me squirm but oddly when I ever I  doubted myself he would  chide me and say,  ”It’s  your destiny Nanny !”  as if he knew what was ahead.
The image on the left shows his reredos screen for Chichester Cathedral, of St John the Baptist stories. I am the St John and Christ figures (in my blue speedos for Christ)   RIP P xx


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