Two paintings by Jeffrey Camp R.A.

I met Jeffrey at the RA’s Summer Exhibition one year (about 1984) I was wearing a white vest and jeans and just back from holiday, so very tanned. His first words were ‘Hello. You have beautiful arms, could I paint you?’
I sat for him quite a few times in his studio in Pimlico. It was the top floor of his house. The room was empty except for canvasses and an easel and silver venetian blinds on the windows. He had lots of strip lighting which gave off the most horrid light made worse by the silver blinds but he liked it. He is a very sweet man, gentle, kind and secretly mischievous with a cheeky sense of humour. It feels like he has a lot of gossip to tell but refuses to.. or maybe he was just teasing me because he knew I wanted to hear it. He once told me, I was very ‘cool’ because he was drawing my naked figure, I was lying back in a fairly open and suggestive way and asked me if he could move my cock as it was in the wrong position. I said yes and allowed him to move it – without breaking pose of course.. 🙂

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Me (David) by Camp

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