Craigie Aitchison

Taken in Craigie’s house in South London circa 1984/85. This was the second sitting, the first time I’d gone I didn’t see anything worth photographing and refused to take any pics. This time he was painting some bonkers young Lord (just visible on the left). The Albermarle Gallery bought a print of this and it was used in one of their catalogues. The recent book on Craigie’s work has also published it.

Craigie and Jeffrey Camp once both tried to draw me at the same time (nude life drawing). Jeffrey was very happy but Craigie looked really uncomfortable, fidgeting and tutting and sighing and looking at me in that unsure way he did. I eventually looked at what he’d done and it was a tiny three line squiggle like a kid doodling on a note pad. No discernible human form visible. We gave up.


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