Lynn Seymour drag king

This picture was taken at Pineapple Studio’s circa 1984. I can’t remember how we’d met, possibly through Hugh Durrant or Patrick Procktor but I do remember initially going to photograph her at Pineapple studios where she was teaching dance. She was one of the world’s great ballerina’s dancing many times with Nureyev and had ballets written especially for her by Kenneth MacMillan. Slightly terrifying to meet but she was very nice to me even though she was incredibly famous and used to inhabiting a different world – that rarefied milieu of the ballet where she was a star and didn’t need to tolerate anyone.
I’ve just found a short story about the photo, see below. I sound ridiculous but quite funny and awful spelling! How embarrassing we are when young!

Lyn Seymour

Lynn Seymour story 1

Lynn Seymour story 2

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