42 Arlington Square (Siouxie Sioux)

John Maybury made this picture happen. He kindly suggested to Siouxie that she should be photographed by me. It was 1982. I was at Hornsey School of Art, lodging in a house in Arlington Sq. I’d just photographed John and Derek Jarman. John was the coolest of all the cool kids on the block and knew everyone well beyond the avant grade circle of the scene at the time.
She arrived in a black cab, which seemed… not sure, but it was odd, maybe because she was punk and the taxi seemed establishment, not sure.
It was the first time anyone had come to me, I always went to them.
We tried a few shots and nothing majorly interesting happened and as we were coming up the stairs from the basement I saw her reflection in a picture glass.
I love the silhouette and the sensitivity of the line of her arm with the cigarette.


David Gwinnutt Written by:

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