David Hoyle

Backstage at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern. London. 2010

David Hoyle is a bone fide genius. See his Wikepedia page for the full bio. This picture was taken during a seven week session of photographing backstage during the run of his show ‘Licking Wounds’. I took hundreds of images, David is very captivating and wonderful to photograph. This is my favourite.
The first time I went to try and photograph him was in the early 90’s, I was too scared to ask. He was in the bar of an East End pub and just finished his set which I’d missed and he was walking around the pool table, chatting, still in his character Divine David and wearing a pink boucle Chanel suit. I thought he would shred me, he was very drunk and the Divine David person didn’t take prisoners. I feared public humiliation and I left rather lamely. That was probably 20 years ago.
David is now a friend. I genuinely think he is a genius.

The detail image at the the bottom of the page was made using an iPhone filter. I really love it

Hoyle resized

Hoyle detail wtmrk

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