The Black Unicorn. Angus Cook

Angus Cook in his flat, Student House, Great Portland St. Circa 1982

Angus, the black unicorn. I met Angus when he was working and living at the Student House in Gt Portland St. His flat was a small plain basement room with one lightbulb dangling from the middle of the ceiling. He was a poet and I was a photographer. Our relationship was very intense, swapping theories about what was good in Art, who was good, or cool or making all the right moves ..or all the wrong ones…on the scene. We were right about everything.
He’d just read me one of his poems about a tiger and as he stood over me, the light bulb cast its shadow.

He was later painted by Lucien Freud in ‘Man posing’ and ‘Two men’ with his boyfriend Cerith Wyn Evans. I’d introduced them and they became lovers and my friendship with Angus dissolved but I have some amazing pictures of him from this time.


David Gwinnutt Written by:

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